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A serverless approach to pull data and deliver insights and recommendations using IoT.


HP handles more than 600 million technical support requests each year and pulls in data from more than 20 million devices. Making it easy for customers to find relevant product usage or support information is key to creating a positive experience. This talk will present a proof of concept that allows collecting specific telemetry data from devices while also delivering personalized insights and recommendations, to optimize resource usage and offer an overall better user experience. During this talk, we’ll deep dive into our serverless architecture and show how we connected devices using an IoT stack. Both the communication flow to deliver messages and execute specific actions, as well as the path to collect telemetry through events and streaming will be presented.

Who is this presentation for?
This presentation is targeted to software engineers and architects with interest in IoT and serverless architectures.

Prerequisite knowledge:
The talk is open to all levels. The idea is to deep dive into our architecture and to share our approach to solve a specific problem.

What you'll learn?
This talk aims to share our practical experience when developing our proof of concept that deployed a serverless architecture connecting IoT devices to deliver insights and recommendations. The goal is to share with the audience some of the key points that we believe as important points to consider when designing serverless solutions.


Holds a master degree in Computer Science focused on high-performance computing. Specialized in parallel and distributed computing with a special interest in cloud and serverless computing. Works for HP Inc. for more than a decade acting as a software engineer for print firmware and wearable technologies. Currently works in the PS SW Data Science team as a software engineer and solutions architect having most activities related to applied AI and conversational interfaces.