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Practical takeaways from an AI Lean Startup experience


Effectively managing extreme uncertainties and succeeding at a startup is the dream of every entrepreneur. There are now well-established principles and methods for managing in such uncertain conditions and are termed Lean Startup Practices. This is an experiential talk about how we applied such principles in our AI startup to attain Business Agility

Who is this presentation for?
Entrepreneurs, Lean Agilists, Startup Enthusiasts

Prerequisite knowledge:
General knowledge of what Lean and Agile is, having manage teams and product development

What you'll learn?
• A good understanding of adversities faced in a typical startup, and how Lean Startup techniques help in managing those situations • How Lean Startup principles and practices fit with other Agile product development management techniques • How to apply Design Thinking and Customer Development to complement Agile Development to round out the success in a Lean Startup


Prakash Bettadapur is a Chief Product Officer in Smart Home Sentry, a home security AI startup in the Silicon Valley. Prior to this, Prakash had been in several senior leadership roles in Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks and other technology companies for over 25 years. As an Agile Evangelist, Prakash was instrumental for Agile Transformation of several Cisco Business Units in addition to his Engineering Leadership responsibilities. After completing Stanford’s Innovation, Entrepreneurship and LEAD graduate MBA certificate programs, Prakash shifted his focus to apply Agile and Lean principles in Startup environments. In addition to his work in Sentry, Prakash also advises several startups in USA and India.