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Implementing AI for New Business Models and Efficiencies in Healthcare Supply Chain


Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on scalable and usable data is foundation for new business models that bring growth and efficiencies. This was in action in the pharmaceutical sourcing wherein world’s # 1 wholesaler joined hands with worlds # 1 retailer for reducing costs, increasing volumes, and optimizing the contracts with suppliers. The implementation involved systems, tools, and algorithms that overcame biggest challenges that AI faces – culture, data, compute, engineering, and ethics. Learn about data collection, data management, and metadata management tools implementation and the best practices. Discuss algorithms used for forecasting and optimization, and running them on big data Hadoop environment for scaling.

Who is this presentation for?
Product Managers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers

Prerequisite knowledge:
Awareness of analytics, and data management activities

What you'll learn?
Implementation of AI at Scale, Business optimization strategies, deployment


Parag is a data architecture and products leader at McKesson, and leads the strategy, implementation, and management of enterprise data. He has led multiple initiatives at McKesson including data analytics for Joint Venture between McKesson and Walmart, wherein the partnership resulted in joint sourcing of Generics Pharmaceutical. He also led Synergy analytics for McKesson’s $8B acquisition in Europe. Prior to McKesson, was a Technology Consulting Manager at Deloitte, primarily focused on data and technology strategy and transformation at large Healthcare provider, payor, and medical device companies, scoping, planning, and implementing the clinical information systems, insurance claims platform stabilization, and business intelligence.