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Cybersecurity, Autonomous driving, & Big Data Analysis


Autonomous Driving, Big Data Analysis and cybersecurity are major areas in GAC R&D Center Silicon Valley office and also platform technologies from OEM's vision. The AD (Automatic Driving) operation system is defined in L3 and above levels by extracting the major and key parts in full hardware and software stack. The AD-OS plays the key role in autonomous driving's safety and performance cost that are major concerns in mass productions. With huge collected data from intelligent connected vehicles, the battery driving distance/lifetime and user profiling are obtained by using big data models. The cloud-base monitoring, data processing and analysis, control models are implemented in real OEM/dealer system. Cybersecurity is a key part in automatic driving's product, and defense system crossing car, cloud, mobile app, etc. is defined and established, and the creative CAN-base firewall by leveraging IP-based firewall architecture is proposed and implemented in mass production. All these areas show that for mass production and OEM's products, product definitions, system architecture and platform technologies, fusion among different areas are key factors and advantages.


Dr. Shang is a technical expert in network, cybersecurity, embedded systems, big data analysis and automotive engineering. Since 2001, he has worked in many Silicon Valley network security and vehicle technology fields as technical and management leader role, such as Hillstone Networks, Juniper Networks, Fortinet Inc., Sonicwall in., etc. Currently, he leads GAC R&D Center Silicon Valley to develop and promote product design and development in the fields of vehicle cybersecurity, big data analysis and artificial intelligence, automated driving, and new energy powertrain technologies. He has more than 10 patents and 20 papers in the field of US network security and vehicle technology, Black Hat Asia Papers (2017), and 2015 (CCF) Cyber security Academic Conference Excellent Papers. His dissertation is the only China national excellent doctoral thesis in vehicle engineering. He obtained B.S,M.S.,Ph.D at Automotive Engineering, minor B.S in Computer Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing, and M.S. at Computer Science, University of Southern California at 2001.