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The coming Data Explosion in Cognitive IoT


By 2020 it is estimated that over 30 billion sensor-enabled objects will be connected to some form of network. With the cost of storage going lower, 5G and other shifts in the telecom industry that push the bandwidths to the edge of 10 Gbps, being able to put adaptive IoT that takes into account Cognitive inputs such as speech, temperature, visual, etc. and take action on changing situations becomes a reality. With this comes the massive amount of data that will be sent per event. As an example, in the airlines' industry alone it is said that a single twin-engine aircraft with an average 12-hr. flight-time can produce up to 844 TB of data. The sensors in this industry have grown from 250 to 5,000 per airplane which has totally changed how we view data management. With this amount of changes that are coming, this will bring a massive amount of data and opportunities in the smart home, airlines, smart cities and other spaces. We need to look at how we can harness this data explosion effectively and securely. This talk will discuss the various aspects of - Data Management in milli-second segments - Security in Layers and leveraging the Cloud - Technical walkthrough of a sample architecture - Managing drift and spikes in data pooling - Democratizing the Data - Global Compliance in Long Term Data Storage
Who is this presentation for?
Technical Architects and Strategic Business Leaders
Prerequisite knowledge:
General Big Data Concepts such as the Volume, Velocity, Veracity, Value, etc. Knowing AWS is a plus since the architecture will use AWS services
What you'll learn?
How to manage Big Data effectively. Ability to ensure you are building data-security from the ground up and not as an afterthought. Being able to bring value to the data for internal and external consumers securely. How we can be better prepared for the coming data explosion.


As a Cloud Security Architect working in the Enterprise Architecture team at Asurion, Jabez is passionate about cloud computing. He thrives on solving problems when leveraging native cloud services for building secure and supportable solutions. At Asurion, he helps in defining the strategies, roadmaps and solutions to embrace the value of the public cloud as well as ensure the protection of Asurion infrastructure, applications, and data for Cloud Native, Hybrid and inter-cloud deployments. He has spent an extensive amount of time working through the various aspects of adoption while embracing a #Cloudbydefault approach. Jabez also leads organizational transformation in Cloud and Security Domains specifically in AWS.