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Lurking Danger in your Data Lake: Keeping Nessie in the Loch


The promise of big data and predictive analytics cannot be overstated. However, dangerous seeds may be lurking within your big data initiatives. This presentation outlines some of the dangers, with real world examples, inherent in big data and AI/ML technologies. The talk concludes with a proffer mitigate the inherent risks.

Who is this presentation for?
Leaders and those interested in the ethics and risks associated with big data, AI/ML and analytics.

Prerequisite knowledge:
A base knowledge of the business applications of AI/ML, what a Type 1 and Type II error is, risk management and ethics.

What you'll learn?
What controls should be placed on AI/ML projects. How to mitigate risks from embarrassing gaffes to complete disaster.


David Fisher has an over 20 years of professional background in web, business and direct marketing. In addition, he has nine years of experience as a Naval Special Warfare Intelligence Analyst. David loves to drive actionable intelligence through the exploitation of multi-channel data sets. He holds a B.A. in Quantitative Methods, a Masters in International Management and his PhD in Depth Psychology.