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How Voice is Changing the Face of Productivity in the Workplace


We are in the midst of a massive transformation which is affecting the future of work as AI-based technology surrounds today’s workers and creates new ways to maximize their interactions with customers and increase their output and productivity. At the core of the AI transformation is the concept of becoming “voice first.” Cory can discuss how to integrate voice-first and intelligent tools into your workflow to increase productivity and maximize efficiency. He’ll provide an overview of the technologies that are enabling voice-AI and will touch on current advancements in the field that will continue to affect – and enhance – the industry in the coming years.

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Chiko Scozzafava is an experienced risk and change management executive, who has spent the last 25 years in the nonprofit, tech, and government spaces, including serving as a US Secret Service Agent. She currently does Strategy & Operations at Prologue Immersive and Intervrse, a Web3 strategy firm and product studio that creates digital products, NFTs and immersive experiences in the metaverse for brands and consumers; is a Chief Security & Special Services Officer, which includes working on NFT and DAO projects at a national nonprofit; is the Board President at Digital4Good and #ICANHELP, an organization that empowers student changemakers and promotes digital online safety; and is a Participating Member of the Metaverse Standards Forum whose aim is to encourage and enable the timely development of open interoperability standards for an open and inclusive metaverse.