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Big Data for the Visual Learner


The key to growth in a world of technological hyper-evolution is a culture that efficiently executes more insights faster.  And while nothing unveils a prudent next step like rich unbiased data, the reality is that such clarity rarely exists as “big data” is both fatiguing and multi-dimensional.  To cope, Sr decision makers often employ teams of analysts to roll up trends not realizing that in order to summarize millions of lines of raw data, a series of decisions must be made before leadership is even at the table.  This vulnerability can lead to enormous effort and expense wasted on redirecting already working arms of the business or resolving issues that don’t actually exist. Thanks to data visualization advances, many of these errors can be avoided with a base understanding of one’s own raw data combined with an appetite to see the fuller picture.  

Who is this presentation for?

Leaders that don't have a deep understanding of "big data" personally, analysts that derive insights for Sr leadership and data beginners.


Prerequisite knowledge: None

What you'll learn?

In this session, through the lens of the lodging business, we will review the core elements of raw transaction data which will provide a base understanding of the data-structures that commonly apply to most industries.  We will explore some of the misconceptions derived from summing and averaging trends too quickly and will discover hidden insights found only when data is revealed as a complete picture.  At its conclusion, attendees will carry away both a cultural and technical data-foundation that will allow them to ask better questions and derive deeper insights from their own businesses. 


Calvin currently serves as the US Head of Commercial for OYO Group overseeing pricing, analytics, data science, growth, partnerships, hotel sales, revenue management, distribution and brand. Prior to OYO, Anderson served as CRO of RLHC overseeing all revenue functions of their 1,400-hotel portfolio. Anderson has deep roots in lodging revenue analytics having held Sr. roles at Duetto Research, Hilton and Highgate Hotels. Calvin is committed to advancing industry thought leadership by contributing time as a former adjunct professor at the NYU Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism, a frequent university guest lecturer as well as an industry keynote and author. Anderson currently sits on the Hotel Sales & Marketing Association Intl. Americas Board and was recently named 20 Next-Gen Leaders by Hotel Mag.