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Marketing in 2020: Demystifying Smart Assistants & AI


By 2020, half of all searches will be conducted via voice. With smart assistants, like Siri and Alexa, accelerating the use of voice search, marketers are preparing for a future where voice plays a significant role in brand experiences. Voice experiences will offer brands an opportunity to develop deeper connections with their consumers. Now’s the time for marketers to rethink how to reach and engage consumers in this emerging environment. In this session, you'll learn how voice-driven AI technologies are changing behavior — and what that means, not only for businesses and marketers, but for society as a whole. Amy will explore ways marketers can prepare for a future where voice search and smart assistants play a significant role in brand experiences — through search, shopping and even CRM.

Who is this presentation for?
Business executives, data strategists, customer experience planners, marketers, and more.

Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic knowledge of marketing.

What you'll learn?
• How voice-driven AI technologies are changing customer behaviour • Preparing for the future of marketing with voice assistants like Siri, Alexa & Google • Reimagining customer experiences like search, shopping, and CRM


Amy Bishop is a Strategy Director at Epsilon in San Francisco. She unearths new insights from data, capitalizes on market innovations, and creates breakthrough digital experiences to help the agency’s largest clients increase sales and product usage. At Epsilon, Amy leads marketing strategy for Google and has overseen product launches and growth marketing for Google Assistant, Google Home, Google Fi and more. Over the last 10 years, Amy’s worked in various strategy roles in agencies across digital marketing, customer experience and content marketing, with client experience spanning from technology and finance, to retail, and nonprofit industries. Throughout her career, she's developed strategic marketing frameworks for B2B & B2C clients including Intuit, Intel, HP, Office Depot, Macy's, and L’Oréal.