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Why 85% of data science projects fail?


Why 85% of data science projects fail?

Data science automation, data science and business innovation

Who is this presentation for?
Business directors and executives who are in the process of implementing data science into their line of business 

Prerequisite knowledge:
knowledge of data science common use cases in a general business environment
What you'll learn?
I'm expecting to hear from the audience their unique challenges in implementing data science into their business operations


A credentialed data science practitioner with 13 years of experience in developing and managing analytical products and solutions across different verticals. A thought leader that has held various leadership positions in spearheading new business opportunities utilizing artificial intelligence and data science technologies. Always busy with analyzing data, getting deep into the technical part behind data and telling stories that are learned from data. Proven track record of success in the following areas: • Data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence • Data Science Product Management/Development/Integration • Project Management/Resource Planning • Customer Relationship Management • Business Development • Cross Functional Leadership • Patent Awardee/Academic Journal Author and Reviewer