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Advanced Analytics and AI in the Big Data World


Data is being generated all around us, and drives everything that we do. Organizations are struggling to stay ahead and compete in the 4th industrial revolution. In this session, attendees will learn how AI can be harnessed to gain context and understanding of data that will allow humans to focus more on knowledge and wisdom. A specific case study, born out of a US Presidential "Call to Action" will be presented that will discuss exactly how to harness Artificial Intelligence and gain understanding of your data that has never before been possible. We will then discuss how that understanding can be leveraged to gain business advantage.


Basically I am a data platform professional. I am deeply involved with database technologies and associated analytics as well as merging Business Intelligence Development processes into agile methodologies. I am also heavily involved with "Big Data" and "Advanced Analytics" as well as Machine Learning. (I was considered a "Data Scientist" before Data Science was "Cool"). I was the lead visionary for Big Data, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics solutions for our Federal Customers at Microsoft but have recently made the jump to support large enterprise customers in the Desert Southwest. Prior to joining Microsoft I was a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP with a focus towards "Data Dude" and "Agile Database Methodologies". I spend much of my time today helping our customers understand and visualize how "Big Data Analytics" and Machine Learning technologies can enhance their mission.