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From Stats to Movie-Style Story: How To Get Execs To Follow Your Data


Two of the hottest questions in data are no doubt "what's the story?" and "How can we get our company to see how important this is?" This session answers both, and does so with a unique approach. Watch as we bring the storytelling principles movies use to data and learn how even a chart can create a sensation in your organization.


As Principal and Story Strategist at Backstories Studio. Through workshops and videos, Ted Frank specializes in bringing movie-style storytelling to presentations so project leads get more traction for their initiatives. Ted is the author of the book, Get to the Heart, How movie storytelling secrets can make your presentation clear, compelling, and earn you a seat at the table. He has been published in Fast Company,, Entrepreneur, HR.Com and many other leading industry publications. He speaks regularly at insights and strategy conferences.