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AI Creating Actionable Knowledge, Faster


In an environment where we are now drowning in information but starved for knowledge, we can share and store tremendous amounts of information, but we can’t read and understand it any faster than our grandparents could. We are now the bottlenecks in our own decision-making processes in such critical fields as security, healthcare, finance, law and multinational business. What if there was a way for machines to do the reading for us, to help us focus on the material that matters right now? This talk will share a new approach to natural language understanding, already in active commercial use for the analysis of scientific articles. We will discuss: • The use of graphs to model concepts, narrative and more; • How graph matching can be used to recognize similarity and answer questions; much as molecular structure is used as a way to identify potential similarities in chemical behavior; • How these approaches can be radically scaled through a reconceptualization of the graph database


Ryan Welsh CEO/Co-Founder Kyndi, Inc. Ryan’s vision is at the core of Kyndi. His experience analyzing impacts of the 2008 economic crisis helped Ryan realize that humans can no longer keep up with the volume of reading needed in the modern age. Foreseeing a time when every worker must be partnered with an AI assistant, he decided to make his vision possible. Educated as a mathematician, Ryan began his business career as a quantitative analyst on Wall Street. After graduating from business school, he incubated the idea, which was to become Kyndi, while providing consulting services in both the public and private sector. In 2014, he and Arun Majumdar founded Kyndi. Ryan has a B.S. degree from the Catholic University of America, a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Rutgers University, and an M.B.A. from the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.