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 To Cloud or not to Cloud


  • What are the benefits of hosting your data and analytics efforts in the cloud and when should you seek to utilize this technology?
  • The practical side of cloud implementation – How do you effectively manage the implementation of cloud services within your business?
  • Exploring the best way to dip your toes and build a scalable model for your enterprise. What tools are available to help accelerate the migration path to the cloud?
  • Cyber security discussed – how secure really is it and what are the security benefits and pitfalls of the cloud?


Rishi has co-founded a stealth mode startup which is backed by some of the leading VCs in the silicon valley. Prior to that, Rishi co-founded InfoObjects which specialized in data science and data engineering services. Prior to that Rishi worked as a software engineer at Netflix as part of their Algorithms and Analytics division. He has written two books on Apache Spark. Rishi graduated from IIT Delhi in 1998.