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How Data Science is Shaping the Future!


Living in the information age, we find ourselves surrounded and overwhelmed by data, making it imperative for us to draw meaningful conclusions from it. Data science is a very practical discipline with many applications in business, healthcare, science and technology. This talk presents a high-level overview of ongoing projects in the heart of Silicon Valley and emphasizes how data science/machine learning not only saves companies millions of dollars, but more importantly how it can save thousands of lives. The outline of this talk includes: - Introduction to Data Science - Time series data is the new big data - Predictive analytics in healthcare - Detecting Malaria using predictive models - Making it happen: A novel way to make predictions in time series 


Mohammad is currently a Senior Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft, and Instructor at Stanford University. He is a former Data Scientist at Apple and previously worked for Samsung, Bosch, General Electric and UCLA Research Labs. He received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Riverside and B.Sc. from University of Tehran. Mohammad is the author of the book, ‘Applications of Mining Massive Time Series Data’. He has also been a keynote speaker at more than 40 Data Summits/Conferences around the globe.