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Bullet: A Real Time Data Query Engine


Bullet is an open sourced, lightweight, pluggable querying system for streaming data without a persistence layer implemented on top of Storm. It allows you to filter, project, and aggregate on data in transit. It includes a UI and WS. Instead of running queries on a finite set of data that arrived and was persisted or running a static query defined at the startup of the stream, our queries can be executed against an arbitrary set of data arriving after the query is submitted. In other words, it is a look-forward system. Bullet is a multi-tenant system that scales independently of the data consumed and the number of simultaneous queries. Bullet is pluggable into any streaming data source. It can be configured to read from systems such as Storm, Kafka, Spark, Flume, etc. Bullet leverages Sketches to perform its aggregate operations such as distinct, count distinct, sum, count, min, max, and average. An instance of Bullet is currently running at Yahoo against its user engagement data pipeline. We’ll highlight how it is powering internal use-cases such as web page and native app instrumentation validation. Finally, we’ll show a demo of Bullet and go over query performance numbers.


Over 10 years of causing data problems at Yahoo.