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Building a Modern Healthcare Data Platform (and Organization)


With the digitization of healthcare through the advent of the EMR and other systems, healthcare has become an extremely data rich environment. Historically we have relied on a multitude disjointed vendors to supply rudimentary analytics on our data. How do you integrate all of your systems (EMR, ERP, Time and Attendance, SaaS providers, etc.) into a platform that really enables analytics and so much more? Julius shares his journey on how to build a modern data platform in healthcare to shift the focus from transnational systems and applications to a patient, outcomes, or population focus.


Julius Bogdan is the Director of Analytics and Data Innovation at SCL Health. He has eighteen years of experience working in advanced analytics, big data, and application development across multiple industries. He blends his experience in finance, manufacturing and software to bring new paradigms to healthcare. He has a passion for creating new visions, strategies, and organizations to challenge the status quo and break new ground on innovative solutions. He is also just as comfortable hacking out code to stitch together data pipelines as he is presenting his latest creation to the board of directors.