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Aura Machine Learning Platform and Use Cases in Healthcare, Finance and Telco


As the largest Big Data technology provider in China, our experiences from deep interactions with many businesses allow us to identify a few important gaps that undermine the progresses in their adoption of predictive analytics and data-driven operations. To address the potential gaps, we designed and developed Aura, a machine learning powered platform for efficient data-driven application development. Aura improve the state-of-the-art by first emphasizing the preservation, standardization and reuse of industrial domain knowledge using its Common Data Model. Aura provides a one-stop system with cutting-edge data science technologies. By integrating the multiple machine learning and deep learning frameworks on top of powerful big data platforms like Spark, Aura enable businesses to choose the most appropriate machine learning algorithms to solve their problems at hand. Aura also provides two ways for user to interact with it: (a) a powerful notebook for data scientist or analyst with advanced programming skills and (b) a visual pipeline that guides intermediate users through common data analytics and modeling scenarios. Varies modeling pipeline templates have been provided, which are designed to guide user with scientific methods and known best practices. Most importantly, on the Aura platform we offer a wide range of tried-and-true data-driven applications for a variety of industries, which can be directly (or with minor tweaks) applied to address business problems out of the package. In this talk, we will also show cases some of the successful applications on Aura in telecom, banking, healthcare, which helps the business to lift revenue, fight fraud, improve customer service, or even developing new products.


Data science expert with expertise in machine learning and big data systems. Leading innovation projects and R&D activities to promote data science best-practice in many business verticals (Telco, Finance, Healthcare, etc.). Pushing the cutting-edge application of AI and Data Science. Published and presented research paper and posters at many top-tier conferences and journals, including: ACM Computing Surveys, ACSAC, CEAS, EuroSec, FGCS, HiCoNS, HSCC, IEEE Systems Journal, MASHUPS, PST, SSS, TRUST, and WiVeC. Served as reviewers for many highly reputable international journals and conferences.