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Why You, Your Partners and Your Customers Don't Make Data Driven Decisions


Companies and organizations talk a lot about how data can empower their employees, partners, and customers to make good decisions. However, lot's of recent research suggests in cognitive biases and behavioral economics suggest that people often don't make rational decisions. This talk will look at some of the most common of these biases and how you can counter (or even use them!) to good effect.


Jeff Klagenberg is a technology professional who has developed solutions that meet both real-time and data-centric needs for over 20 years. He is currently Sr. Director of Data Management at Ten-X, the leading online real estate auctioneers in the United States. Jeff started in software integration for satellite telemetry and control systems at Lockheed and used this experience to lead product management for critical applications deployed in telecom, brokerages, trading floors, and aerospace at Talarian, a middleware company that was a successful IPO acquired by Tibco. For over 10 years Jeff has been delivering solutions in the Master Data Management arena. As part of Siperian (acquired by Informatica) he guided development of early versions of the product. Over the years, Jeff has lead solution architecture and delivery for some of the most challenging MDM customers. Helping organization not only deploy MDM but driving their larger data ecosystems.