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Adaptive Reinforcement Learning for Connected Devices


We live in a connected world where, thanks to our smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices, we are never offline. The billions of devices, sensors and actuators, connected to the internet, are generating exponentially more data than before. Not only will we be able to forecast when these devices might need maintenance, we may also be able to predict when we need support. A use-case might be related to earlier detection of diseases/disorders based on insights from our wearable device. However, just like everything else, this isn’t an easy task. Sensors break, actuators get swapped and the ecosystem changes in all sorts of ways. Thus, timely upgrade recommendations for these connected devices would enable customers maintain their seamless interaction with these IoT devices. A traditional supervised learning approach doesn’t work well for such IoT data. Moreover, standard classification and regression models are not that capable of handling the relationship between sensor changes and actuator commands. One solution is to go for an adaptive feedback-driven state-action based reinforcement learning techniques, which might help in finding reward or penalty and the cost incurred to the customer. This can ultimately lead to an intrinsically smart and connected ecosystem.


Gyana Dash is a passionate, visionary, and thought leader, with 21 years of experience in building complex software systems/applications to deliver business outcomes in the area of data driven network analytics and rule based expert systems. At Cisco, Gyana is leading several Cognitive Systems of Insights solutions for 'Use Cases' across Data Center, Cloud, IoT and Network Optimization that generates more than 4 billion dollar of annual revenue. Gyana has been a regular presenter and speaker at Cisco, TiE, IoT Evolution Expo and several conferences in past. Gyana has filed seven patents during the tenure of Cisco. Gyana has a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science, from NIIT, Allahabad, India, with specialization in VOIP Software. Gyana also holds an MBA degree from the University of Phoenix, with specialization in Technology Management. He has a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunication IETE, India. Apart from regular job Gyana has been involved in robotics and STEM activities as mentor/coach/judge since 5 years and has participated international level robotics competitions.