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Speeding up last-mile Delivery with AI


AI is not new. It has existed for decades now, showing gradual progress over the years.  With consistent growth of on-demand industry, changing consumer behavior, and desire for personalization, the logistics industry is constantly solving a problem of delivering products anytime, anywhere. Major trends that are converging AI into logistics are:

  1. Big data
  2. Rising SaaS with mobile availability
  3. Self learning systems resulting in informed decisions.

Jugoo, in particular is amplifying human ingenuity with intelligent technology by solving complex problems like:

  1. Demand Prediction to reduce waste, and meet the service level agreement
  2. Route and Batch Optimization to optimize operational efficiency and reducing costs
  3. Merchant profiling by understanding merchant behavior to meet the demand and reduce delivery time
  4. Estimated Time of Arrival by utilizing the data and providing faster services in the zones which are being catered slow


Geetali leads the Americas business at Click Labs. An entrepreneurial-minded leader, Geetali excels at business development, brokering technology partnerships, and executing business strategies for the sharing economy. She specializes in bringing a customer-centric lens to on demand by applying cutting edge data and analytic approaches. She studied Economics and History at the University of Delhi and is an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management.