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Practical Application of AI & IIoT in Oil and Gas Industry


Energy industry is one of the foundational layers of our economy and also the last one to embrace digital tools like AI & IIoT. This session would cover 3 real life use cases in Upstream and Downstream side of Oil and Gas from mission critical assets like Rod pumps, Well assets, Frack pumps and new business models powered by AI & IIoT Data. This is a practitioners perspective and would include 7 landmines to avoid while executing these projects. One interesting thing about these use cases is the no of constructs borrowed from health care AI and applied to Industrial AI


Derick is the cofounder of Flutura Decision Sciences a niche AI & IIoT company focussed on impacting outcomes for the Engineering and Energy Industries. Flutura has been rated by Bloomberg as one of the fastest growing machine intelligence companies and its AI platform Cerebra has been certified to work with Halliburton and Hitachis platforms. Flutura has a lot of paying customers in upstream and downstream areas of Oil and Gas