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From Stats to Movie-Style Story


Your next presentation does not have to be boring. Ted and Dave will show how they used movie-style storytelling to transform a data-filled deck into a presentation that had top execs at the edge of their seats and asking for more. It’s all in the way you tell your data's story, so you don’t even need video. What you do need, though, is a desire to make a difference, and an even greater desire to never sit through another data dump again.


Dave Decelle is a Director of Consumer Insights at Netflix, currently focused on delivering insights that drive product innovation. Dave has over 17 years of experience in market, brand and user experience research and consulting. While he is currently focused on the technology and media categories at Netflix, his past experience ranges across a variety of industries, including financial, automotive, food & beverage, retail, and general consumer goods and services. Dave specializes in all forms of qualitative research methodologies, but also interprets and incorporates quantitative survey data and secondary/analyst data to develop a comprehensive picture of consumer market opportunities. In a past life, Dave was a freelance videographer and multimedia producer, and continues to apply those skills to bringing consumers to life in a compelling way that helps business leaders deeply understand and empathize with their customers. He applies design thinking to his research approaches and analyses to develop broader conceptual frameworks that creatively contextualize business and product opportunities to deliver higher level insights and unlock innovative thinking. His consumer research has spanned the globe, taking him to such places as London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Seoul, Mumbai, Ho Chi Minh City, Bogota, Sao Paolo and Voronezh (that’s in Russia). In his downtime you can find him surfing head-high waves on his longboard off the coast of Santa Cruz, CA.