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Slow, Stuck, or Runaway Big Data Apps? Learn how AI can help with your Big Data Application and Operations Challenges


Big Data technologies are fading away. What is thriving are Big Data Applications that leverage these technologies. The shift to applications mandates that we re-think how we manage applications on this modern data stack. In this session, we present a novel way of enabling DevOps to effectively manage Big Data applications. We show you how by smartly leveraging data from across the stack (applications, platforms and infrastructure) and leveraging modern science and machine learning principles, we can provided a guided path to address issues related to performance, failures and resource utilization for your Big Data Application


Bala Venkatrao is currently part of the Founding Team and VP, Products at Unravel Data, a start-up that is re-defining Application Performance Management for Big Data Applications. It's AI meeting APM. Bala’s prior experience includes working in product mgmt/strategy roles at Elastic and Cloudera. Bala was an early employee at Cloudera where he was involved in a wide array of activities including Product Management, Marketing, Partnership Development and Customer Advocacy. He holds a MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.