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Power of Small Data


Although the "Data is the new oil" adage is true, it is the actionable insights that we generate from the data that is the gasoline which runs the automobile engine, i.e., "Actionable Insights is the new gasoline". Big data characterized by four V's - Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity and it is all these aspects of data that come together to generate insights that will drive the decisions. More data helps check statistical significance of decisions but in combination with other disciplines (Research, A/B Testing, Strategy, Mining) it provides more grounding and reasoning required for additional confidence and perspectives required during decision making and scenario planning of the outcomes.


As the Director of Analytics & A/B Testing within the Digital Product Organization at Visa, Inc. my core responsibility is to enable a Data Driven Decision Making framework for the Leadership and Decision Makers from Product, Marketing, Sales & Operations. I am passionate about the value of data & insights and love sharing the learning via talks at Conferences, blogs on Linkedin and contents on Slideshare.