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Data Visualization in Practice

Abstract, a News Corp company and the fastest growing online real estate service provider in US, invites you to have a closer look on a data-driven design process behind a real-time, informed, and interactive online real estate application. Through case studies, this presentation will provide you an overview of how data visualization helps the analysis of user activities in systematic approaches to streamline our data products and economic research. Key learning objectives also include how user experience of's data-centric products is enhanced by data visualization techniques.


Ian Lin is the Lead Data Visualization Designer at, a News Corp company and the fastest growing online real estate service provider. He is a hybrid designer/developer in UX, Front-End Engineering, and Data Viz. He helps visualizing insight from Data Science/Analytics, streamlines UI workflows with Data Viz techniques, and create BI dashboards for C-level executives. His design philosophy is to create delightful UI to streamline collaboration between people and information systems, help data tell their own stories with visual rhythms, reflect business-critical insights, and to be intuitively understood by stakeholders. His design experience lies in a variety of industries ranging from computer networks, healthcare, to real estate.