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Challenges of creating and maintaining data architectures for People Analytics


People Analytics is one of the newest trends in the industry as a lot of companies realize the value of effective and methodical analysis of people interactions in order to generate measurable metrics for increasing performance, measure engagement, productivity, etc. This session discusses the challenges in creating and maintaining a proper data architecture to respond to these challenges.


Hector Garcia has been creating information systems, data products and implementing solutions for over 25 years. He has been the technical lead for a wide variety of projects for companies such as Adobe, Cisco, Hasbro, PG&E, Symantec, etc. Hector is currently a data engineer in Facebook with the responsibility of creating and maintaining the data infrastructure that supports the People Analytics efforts in the company. Hector's passion for technology and computers started while he was still a teenager in his native Mexico City. He completed his studies in Computer Science while already implementing information systems for government agencies and private companies. Hector participates in diversity recruiting efforts for Facebook in order to attract new talent into the company, specially from the Latino community. He successfully lead the first Facebook Hackathon in Mexico City in 2015 during Aldea Digital, the biggest data inclusion event of the world where more than 100 programmers gathered to create meaningful products using Facebook technologies.