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Visual Rules of the Road for Big Data Practioners


In creating data visualizations, an often overlooked component is the visual language that drives the user experience. By this I mean: are there consistent, visual cues that allow the user to unconsciously know how to consume the dashboards and other visualizations that analysts provide? That show them exactly what they need to know to answer the questions they have about the data? This presentation shows via example how to build this navigation language into your visualizations, providing an intuitive user experience via the mechanism of subtle visual cuing.


David Fisher is a Solution Architect in the Professional Services division of Tableau Software.  He has an extensive professional background in both online and offline direct marketing, higher education and the biotech domains.  In addition, he has nearly seven years of experience as a Naval Special Warfare Intelligence Analyst.  David drives actionable intelligence through the exploitation of multi-channel data sets. He holds a B.A. in Quantitative Methods, a Masters in International Management and is currently writing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Depth Psychology.