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The Future of BI: From Manual Dashboards to Autonomous Analytics for Business Ops


So far business intelligence has been a very manual process. Analysts need to think ahead to ask the right questions, monitor the right metrics, create dashboards, apply calculations, verify and validate results and repeat the process over and over. This manual process means slow insights and dangerous blind spots across your business. Join Anodot to learn how autonomous analytics with anomaly and root cause detection services are helping analysts and business leaders stay ahead of potential problems. Autonomous analytics platform uses AI /ML to self-learn across all data silos to eliminate the blind spots , alert incidents, and help determine root causes in real-time . In this session, we will share real use cases and best practices from working with data leaders in e-commerce, AdTech, gaming, FinTech , Telco and others.


Yoav is a resident expert at Anodot, having joined the company in its infancy and helped to grow it into a leader in anomaly detection. He is focused on helping Anodot’s clients leverage AI analytics to work smarter, as well as pioneering new grounds in the autonomous analytics space. During his time at Anodot, he has helped companies such as Pandora, Foursquare and more to utilize and optimize their real-time data.