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Use of AI in empowering patients


Topics Covered: • Patient response to AI-powered chatbots • Implementing chatbots into clinical practice • Benefits of chatbots for the healthcare system Abstract: Traditional healthcare organisations in the US (and across the world) are in acute need of developing innovations to better engage with their end users. They need to catch up with other industries such as banking and retail, by providing more around-the-clock access, digital entry points, and meaningful interactions in between care episodes. In addition, as we move increasingly towards a value-based health system, providers, payers and pharma companies need to develop robust systems to ensure they are providing consistent and correct treatment to optimise care outcomes and reimbursement. AI-powered symptom assessment technologies such as Ada Health can address all these challenges, by providing a high quality, medically robust “digital front door” for consumers. Ada Health’s chatbot allows users to better understand and manage their symptoms. It navigates users to the most relevant care options for them, based on their symptoms, medical history, location, genetics and insurance policy. Vishaal will be highlighting the lessons learnt from implementing the innovative Ada Health chatbot into health systems around the world, from the UK, to Tanzania, to Germany and the US. He will outline the challenges faced, but also the enormous potential of the Ada chatbot to benefit patients and healthcare professionals alike.


Dr. Vishaal Virani is the Client Success Director at Ada Health, an AI-powered health platform that helps people to better understand their health symptoms and to navigate to the most appropriate care. Vishaal started his career as an NHS doctor in the UK. Throughout his practice, he noticed the need for institutional change in the healthcare sector. The physician then shifted his career focus to healthcare strategy consulting, and began working with hospital groups and medical technology companies. At Ada, he is focused on forming partnerships with healthcare providers and insurers globally, and also ensuring the long-term success of these partnerships. Vishaal graduated from UCL Medical School and completed his medical training at King’s College Hospital in London. He has also co-founded Doctorpreneurs - the world’s largest community of medical professionals who share an interest in health entrepreneurship. He has now relocated to the US to help Ada expand.