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Connect the new data world to the “old world” of underwriting 


See how AI used available data to better align risk and rate of return, as well as how to make a connection between existing processes and new ones such as blockchain and IOT.   Willis Towers Watson and e2Value combined two diverse skill sets to develop one product for underwriting, rating, or both.   Three to five percent of structures represent over half of the loss dollars spent.    The product we developed, Structure Insurance Score (SIS), allows companies score structures for various causes of loss.  SIS allows better pricing of existing insured structures as well as better pricing for new structures.   The flip side of just a few structures that have an out-sized loss impact is a counter-set of structures with under-sized impact that carriers may want to retain or attract.   The SIS allows carriers to see the impact today and tomorrow.  The SIS used AI to analyze existing data every company has access to, and most use, and apply above and beyond current uses.  SIS is delivered in an easy to use and “bolt-on” API.   SIS can also be used as data sets grow and deliver a way data points like IOT can be a easily incorporated into future plans of attracting and retaining properly priced structures.    


Todd and George Moore founded one of the first insurtech companies in 2000. Their business has since grown to work with one-third of the P&C carriers in the US and Canada. e2Value is a part of the big data revolution helping carriers to better understand and price the structures they insure. The original Chubb Insurance recruited Todd for their, then, unique appraisal service to value the homes and commercial structures they insured. He worked across the US, Canada and the Caribbean pricing and managing risk for some of the most valuable homes and art collections in the world.