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Transforming Regression into Neural Network for Multi-chain economic model


In this presentation, regression models in economics and conversions into neural network based models will be discussed. Multiple blockchains are used for economic activities and transactions in complex economic processes representing various distributed ledgers which can be combined into or viewed as one complex distributed ledger. Neural networks derived from regression based techniques and deep learning will be used for analysing each process in a blockchain or for multiple processes combining multiple blockchains or for all the processes combined. There will also be discussions on machine learning model (CALSTATDN) combining techniques of calculus, statistics and data normalizations.


Dr. Shyam Sarkar is an entrepreneur in Big Data industry. He has thirty years of experience in database research, development and AI techniques. He has multiple patents and publications. Ayush Sarkar is a software researcher / developer with experience in mathematical modeling, analysis and software.  CALSTATDN Model was jointly invented by Dr. Shyam Sarkar and Mr. Ayush Sarkar.