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Improving Customer Support with Deep Learning


Almost every company that grows beyond a certain size will need to hire customer support representatives to interface with its customers and answer their questions. Unfortunately, information at large enterprises is badly organized, difficult to retrieve, and largely a yet untapped resource. What's more, the expertise accumulated by support reps disappears with them when they move on from their jobs. Forethought is the proud maker of Agatha Answers, an information-retrieval and question answering tool that embeds into your favorite helpdesk, to help supercharge your customer support agents. In this talk, we will go over an overview of where traditional search and NLP techniques are today, then we'll go over some of the recent advances in deep learning for question answering and document understanding, and some of the cutting edge research in those areas that's happening at Forethought today.


Sami Ghoche is a Co-founder in Forethought AI. Prior to joining Forethought AI, Sami worked on the Feed AI team at LinkedIn and completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Harvard, where he wrote his thesis on algorithms to speed up unsupervised learning methods.