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Data and AI in a Smart City Environment


a. Cities are the largest data generators. This is due to the increasing usage of video in Mobility (Transport), Public Safety and Environmental and other data collection within the cities. Couple that with an increasing number cities with 1M+ population. Harbor research forecasts about 16.5Zettabytes of data generated by the cities in 2020. All these data are acquired, analyzed, transmitted and saved to enrich the lives of the citizens and to remain competitive in a global market. This talk is to educate the audience on the above and to provide a glimpse of how it is being handled presently by the cities and what the future holds.


Sameer Sharma is the Global GM (New Markets/Smart Cities) for IOT Solutions at Intel and a thought leader in IOT/Mobile ecosystem, having driven multiple strategic initiatives over the past 19 years. Sameer leads a global team that incubates and scales new growth categories and business models for Intel in IOT and Smart Cities. His team also focuses on establishing leadership across the industry playing a pivotal role in deploying solutions for the development of smart cities around the world—an important effort in furthering the goal of sustainability. These solutions include Intelligent Transportation, AI+Video, Air Quality Monitoring and Smart Lighting in cities. With far-reaching impact, each of these solutions are providing local governments a plethora of data to enhance the daily quality of life for citizens while simultaneously promoting responsible practices to protect the environment. Sameer has an MBA from The Wharton School at UPenn, and a Masters in Computer Engineering from Rutgers University. He holds 11 patents in the areas of IOT and Mobile.