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From BI to AI: Turning data into an asset


Companies are sitting on gold mine of data, and they don't even know it. If they treat the data as an asset, rather than an expense, they could unlock the next level of their business. Artificial Intelligence gives us the tooling to mine that data and turn it into revenue.


Pavan recently joined Aramark as Chief AI Officer, leading innovation in data and AI. Prior to Aramark, Pavan served as Chief Data Officer at IBM Watson, responsible for making Watson smarter. He began his career as a banker at JP Morgan, then founded six tech startups which eventually led him to venture capital. Pavan spends his spare time investing in technology start-ups and advising existing cutting-edge tech companies on growth strategies. He also serves as an innovation advisor to hedge funds, the World Bank and others on monetizing data with new technology. Pavan graduated from Johns Hopkins University and the London School of Economics.