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Real Life Application of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Operations


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a natural fit for Supply Chain Operations, where a multitude of decisions and actions need to be taken daily or even hourly, relating to delivery, manufacturing, quality, logistics and planning. While the potential benefits are obvious, there are several challenges, both technical and non-technical that need to be overcome before AI can be truly implemented in a scalable and cost effective way. In this talk, real life applications of algorithms will be outlined, showing how they are being used in quality, root cause analysis and inventory optimization. The learning from the experience and the development process will be outlined, along with the types of algorithms used and the challenges involved. The talk will provide attendees a broad understanding of what it takes to implement AI at scale and what sort of business challenges could be solved with the appropriate use of algorithms.


Mudasir Ahmad is a Distinguished Engineer/Senior Director at Cisco Systems, Inc. He has been involved with design and algorithms for 17 years. He received his M.S. in Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University, his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and his Bachelors from Ohio University. Mudasir is leading the Center of Excellence for Numerical Analysis, developing new analytical/stochastic algorithms. Mudasir is also involved with implementing IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to streamline Supply Chain Operations. Mudasir has delivered several invited talks on leading technology solutions internationally. Mudasir has over 30 publications on microelectronic packaging, two book chapters, and 13 US Patents. He received the internationally renowned Outstanding Young Engineer Award in 2012 from the IEEE.