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Data and Artificial Intelligence are about people first


Data and analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) hold enormous potential to transform how we conduct business and build relationships with customers. But in all the hype around new technologies, a critical part of the dialogue is often missing: Customers and employees – people – are the most important part of any data and analytics or AI strategy. Your business simply won't be successful if you don't have the right employees to develop solutions or if those solutions don't meet the needs of customers. Only when you prioritize people can you truly harness the potential of data and analytics or AI. At TD, as part of our journey to become a data-driven bank, we're creating predictive and personalized customer experiences by investing in market-leading data and analytics and AI capabilities and partnerships. But first and foremost, our strategy is about people. I will be presenting on the key areas of a people-centric approach to data and AI, and provide concrete examples of how TD is implementing this approach in our own data and AI strategies.


Matt Fowler is a senior executive with more than 20 years of international experience in financial services. As Vice President, Enterprise Machine Learning at TD, Matt is responsible for developing and leading a team within Enterprise Data and Analytics (ED&A) to identify, scope, size and prioritize machine learning opportunities across the bank's lines of business. Matt brings operational and industry experience to his role. Having joined TD in 2009, his last role was to lead a global team of 300 focused on regulatory, control, vendor and data services for TD Securities.