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Bootstrapping and scaling a data science and machine learning product organization.


With the AI hype cycle still being pretty active, and experienced talent being scarce, how do you bootstrap and more importantly successfully point AI capabilities to achieve bottom line growth? Companies are still struggling with the question of how to bootstrap and scale AI product investment. Being part of the industry's AI pioneer team at Workday, I have learnt a lot about bootstrapping and scaling ML product portfolio. From picking the which customer pain points to start with to when to scale the platform. Over the last ~5 years, we have gone from being able to ship 1 product use case a year to productizing 3-5 use cases every 6 months. In the session, I will share the framework with practical tips on how you can bootstrap and scale AI product delivery in your company. I will demonstrate the framework in action by using a real use case our team productized to demonstrate how it works in action. You will walk out of this session with the practical knowledge to bootstrap and scale AI function at your company.


Madhura Dudhgaonkar leads Machine Learning product and engineering team at Workday. Her team, a pioneer in the Applied Machine Learning product space, has spent ~5 years building machine learning products. Madhura’s journey goes from being a hands-on engineer to leading large product organizations across SUN Microsystems, Adobe and now Workday. Her background covers building consumer and enterprise products - latest of them involving multiple 0 to 1 product journies leveraging Machine Learning technology innovations. Madhura holds a master’s degree in math and computer science. And a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. She is a frequent speaker and leads diversity work via Women@Workday San Francisco Chapter. When not obsessing over technology, she can be found outdoors, running, hiking or snowboarding.