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Decentralized AI: Convergence of Blockchain & AI


As we move into the world where User's will own their own data, and companies will use "Ethically Sourced Data", there will be a rampant need for Decentralized AI. And, combining with Blockchain one gets viable Business Models. This talk covers use cases for convergence of Blockchain and AI.


Geeta Chauhan is a Consulting CTO at SVSG with 20+ years of experience building new products, leading diverse global teams, scaling and architecting complex distributed systems for companies ranging from nimble startups to Fortune 500s. These days you can find her in the hallways of AI startups building Deep Learning based platforms or tinkering in her garage to convert her electric car to run autonomously. Prior to this, she was the CTO of Data Platforms at Alcatel-Lucent and led the Advanced Technology incubator for Genesys Labs. She is passionate about sustainability and mentors’ startups at Clean Tech Open the largest clean technology accelerator in the world.