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Role of Unsupervised learning in Video summarization


Video content growth is increasing each year and is taking the center stage for the internet traffic. Video is not only huge in size but is a complex type with visual, audio, and temporal elements. Supervised learning to understand videos is a very strenuous and time taking tasks. Unsupervised learning is coming to rescue. In this talk we will cover some of these techniques to see how unsupervised learning can help understand the content inside videos.


Divya Jain is an industry recognized product and technology leader in machine learning and AI. She has 15+ years of industry experience at various startups and Fortune 500 companies. She is currently serving as an Engineering Director for Sensei ML platform at Adobe. Before this she was a Research Director at Tyco Innovation Garage and led various deep learning initiatives in video surveillance space. She also co-founded a startup, dLoop Inc., which was acquired by Box in 2013. At Box, Divya led the team that built the first machine learning capabilities into the Box platform. She is very passionate about open sharing of knowledge and information and always working towards abridging technology gap for product innovation.