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Empowering workplace efficiency by chabot and NLP


Today we are in the middle of the digital transformation, facing fundamental changes to the way we live and work. At Workday, we are build a multi-channel collaboration platform utilizing chatbot, NLP and AL to increase workplace productivity and improve communication. The platform automates as many tasks as possible to enable our workmates to work more intuitively and with less friction to more simply get things done at work. This presentation will deep dive into the architecture and how we utilize open source technologies to build a such innovative and scalable platform.


developing the next generation of Workday’s multichannel collaboration platform. Prior to Workday, Dave worked for GE where he played a key development role in building Predix, a comprehensive, modern IoT cloud-native platform from the ground up. In addition, he also led the Predix Edge project, bringing cloud software stack to edge software stack which allows large scale edge devices work together to deliver a distributed technology environments for industrial outcomes. Dave is a Dave holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of California at San Diego.