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ML Applications for Physical Security


The presentation will cover ML challenges and solutions related to physical security. Corporate security teams contend with natural disasters, riots, protests, terror attacks and other physical disruptions to business operations and supply chains. The data generated about these events has grown exponentially. Filtering through this data to make decisions and take appropriate actions is overwhelming for corporate security teams. To address this issue, Stabilitas has developed an AI integrated SaaS platform that assists security teams in filtering and monitoring threat data and acting during critical events, in order to avoid threats, reduce downtime and increase safety. The platform integrates crowd-sourced and vetted expert knowledge with machine learning and visualization tools to provide accurate and relevant intel which can be customized to exchange critical information quickly, and also allows security teams to interact as a cohesive system.


Chris is a former Army Diver, infrastructure Project Manager in the middle east and conflict zones, and Director of Enterprise Risk Management at a Global NGO. Chris Co-Founded Stabilitas in 2014 to help solve physical security challenges he faced personally. Chris holds a BS from USMA at West Point, an MBA from Harvard, and an MPA/ID from Harvard.