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The collision course between Big Data+AI, Privacy, Ethics and Regulations in the AI world


With GDPR now in place, a great deal has been revealed about what good data privacy hygiene looks like. And that involves collecting and storing as little information as possible so that exposure is minimal. But AI and IoT is everywhere and the one crucial ingredient that underpins the success of AI with IoT is large swathes of data. The more data there is, the better the algorithms can be trained. Therein lies the conflict. The regulation and privacy gurus will be advocating for limiting the amount of data collected. The IoT and AI engineers and business owners will be clamoring for more data in order to make the AI more effective. We will explore how GDPR is a great blueprint, why tighter data-retention policies are needed, the pressures of effective AI and IoT, and then assess both sides of the equation: privacy vs. IoT+AI.


Ashwin Krishnan is the COO of UberKnowledge - a cybersecurity knowledge sharing, training and communication organization. As a former vendor and hi-tech executive in the cyber security and cloud domain he has turned writer, podcaster, and speaker. Ashwin is the author of “Mobile Security for Dummies”, and contributes to a variety of publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine. He is a regular host with CISOs on podcasts; as a tech ethics evangelist he is frequently on main stage at conferences like Smart Home Summit, Fog Computing Congress, and the Global AI Conference educating and empowering consumers and vendors alike on the role of ethics in tech.