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"Why attend" GitHub Copilot workshop Posted on : Jul 09 - 2024
GBDC is excited to organize GitHub Copilot Deep Dive on August 23rd, 8.00 am PST by Brent Laster (Founder, Tech Skills Transformations).
In today's fast-paced, ever-changing tech world, keeping up with the latest developments is  a challenge. When you are considering adopting a technology, understanding how it works, what it can do for you, and how to apply it is critical. And you must be able to do that regardless of your familiarity and starting skill level. At Tech Skills Transformations, we provide the hands-on, easy-to-understand learning and integration that you need to quickly develop a skill, not just be able to repeat something you've seen. Here's how we do that:
- Live training with an expert
 Instructor Brent Laster has a wealth of experience with training including: 
Over 10 years experience developing and presenting technical training globally for corporations, and platforms such as O'Reilly
Speaker and presenter at over 25 industry conferences
Extensive corporate career as developer, manager and director for global development teams, DevOps teams, tools teams, security infrastructure, engagement teams and more.
Author of technical books on Git, Jenkins, GitHub Actions
- Live Q&A
Get your questions answered in real time
Benefit from group discussion/experience
- Up-to-date content
No more checking dates on articles, videos, etc. and wondering if content is current
- One-click environment setup
No local installs necessary if using our GitHub Codespace environment
Can run with VS Code locally if preferred
-  Training materials to have after the class
PDF of slides
- Understand the good and the bad
We don't just tell you the great things about the tech, we tell you what to watch out for. 
We tell you what's not going to work well
We tell you how to work around the problems (such as how to deal with Copilot's training not being up to date)
And learn best practices and advanced tips and tricks
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