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Google Search ads will soon automatically adapt to queries using generative AI Posted on : May 25 - 2023
Google is going to start using generative AI to boost Search ads’ relevance based on the context of a query, the company announced at its Google Marketing Live event today. Last year, the tech giant rolled out automatically created assets (ACA) for Search ads, which use content from landing pages and existing ads to generate headlines and descriptions.
Soon, Google will boost ACA with generative AI to more effectively create and adapt Search ads based on the context of a query. For instance, if a person searches for “skin care for dry sensitive skin,” AI can use content from a company’s landing page and existing ads to create a new headline that aligns even more closely with the query, such as “Soothe Your Dry, Sensitive Skin.” Google says this update will improve brands’ ad relevance in Search results. View More