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Vertex AI Vision: Easily build and deploy computer vision applications at scale Posted on : Mar 16 - 2023

If organizations can easily analyze unstructured data streams, like live video and images, they can more effectively leverage information from the physical world to create intelligent  business applications. Retailers can improve shelf management by instantly spotting what products are out of stock, manufacturers can  reduce product defects by detecting production errors in real time, and in our communities, administrators could improve traffic management by analyzing vehicle patterns. The possibilities to create new experiences, efficiencies, and insights are endless.

However, enterprises struggle to ingest, process, and analyze real-time video feeds at scale due to high infrastructure costs, development effort, longer lead times, and technology complexities.

That’s why last week, at Google Cloud Next’ 22, we launched the preview of Vertex AI Vision,  a fully managed end-to-end application development environment that lets enterprises easily build, deploy, and manage computer vision applications for their unique needs. Our internal research shows that Vertex AI Vision can help developers reduce time to build computer vision applications from weeks to hours, at a fraction of the cost of current offerings. As always,  our new AI products also adhere to our AI Principles.

One-stop environment for computer vision applications development

Vertex AI Vision radically simplifies the process of cost-effectively creating and managing computer vision apps, from ingestion and analysis to deployment and storage. It does so by providing an integrated environment that includes all the tools needed to develop computer vision applications; developers can easily ingest live video streams (all they need is the IP address), add pre-trained models for common tasks such as “Occupancy Analytics,” “PPE Detection,” “Visual Inspection,” add custom models from Vertex AI for specialized tasks, and define a target location for output/ analytics. The application is ready to go. View more