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ChatGPT talks its way through Wharton MBA, medical exams Posted on : Jan 24 - 2023
OpenAI's chat software ChatGPT, if let loose on the world, would score between a B and a B- on Wharton business school's Operations Management exam, and would approach or exceed the score needed to pass the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE).
While this may say more about the static, document-centric nature of testing material than the intellectual prowess of software, it's nonetheless a matter of concern and interest for educators, and just about everyone else living in the age of automation.
Academics have been fretting that assistive systems like ChatGPT and GitHub's Copilot (based on an OpenAI model called Codex) will require teachers to reevaluate how they teach and mark exams because assistive technology based on machine learning has become so capable. View More