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How Fauna looks to advance serverless database technology Posted on : Nov 23 - 2022

The CEO of the serverless database vendor is overseeing his firm's drive to build out a developer-focused database as an API to let organizations deploy applications faster.

Fauna is a NoSQL database platform, and it has developed its own Fauna Query Language (FQL) for data queries. On Nov. 17 the vendor made generally available an intelligent routing capability to let organizations better manage and access Fauna database deployments around the world. The new capability builds on other upgrades the vendor has released in 2022, including the debut of real-time streaming support in March.

Fauna competes against several developer-focused databases, including Planetscale and CockroachDB, both of which offer serverless platforms.

Fauna has been led since 2000 by CEO Eric Berg, who has positioned the vendor's technology with a database-as-an-API approach. In this Q&A, Berg outlines the direction the serverless database platform is headed as it brings relational capabilities to its NoSQL platform. View More