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Overview of HADOOP from its very Basic till a Career Path Posted on : Apr 28 - 2016

That cute little yellow elephant that often pops up in your window is the symbol of a technology named as Hadoop. This is a java-based programming framework  which helps in processing large sets of data. Today with the rise of data, Hadoop holds a lot of demand in the technology market and is compelling the organizations to pay salary as high as per the expectations of the professionals.


When we look into the structure of this framework , we find that it is divided into HDFS and MapReduce. The two hands of Hadoop framework i.e. HDFS and MapReduce are Hadoop Distributed File System- the storage hand and the processing hand respectively. This skeleton divides the total data into smaller blocks and circulate them in assemblage through the junctions called nodes in the network. The JAR is sent to the nodes where the data needs to be worked on. Here the nodes responsible for those data residing near them work faster in transferring them.

Hadoop  carries  totally  four programs  of  study.  They  are :

  • Hadoop Common
  • HDFS
  • Hadoop YARN
  • Hadoop MapReduce
  1. Hadoop common acts as the information centre that contains the collections of Hadoop libraries.
  2. HDFS is the storage part of high band of frequencies.
  3. The YARN organizes the properties that line up the user’s function in an assemblage.
  4. MapReduce is the processor that processes all sets of data.

Advantage of Hadoop

Hadoop is such a frame that can store and circulate huge data files without       minimum error. Hence it is highly scalable.

  • This software costs very less for storing and performing computations on data in comparison with the traditional databases.
  • Accessing with different kinds of business solution data is done by Hadoop with ultimate comfort. It has been proving to be its best in decision making/
  • It helps in social media, emailing, log processing, data warehousing, error detection etc.
  • Since it maps the data wherever it is placed so Hadoop takes very less time in order to unfold any data. It hardly takes an hour to work on large petabytes of data. Hene, it is super fast.

Hence, the companies using Hadoop are able to gain far better insights. Whenever a data block goes from one node to another in the assemblage of the network, each  block gets copied to each node and even if the data is lost, we will always be having a backup copy of it. Hence, fault occurrence is really very low.

Hadoop as Your Ultimate Career

Since data is growing every day and companies are in high demand for big data and Hadoop professionals. Although the demand is raising, the manpower is not enough to compensate all the demands.They include individuals having a background in data mining, content analysis, social network analysis and much more. People working in Hadoop are those data experts who are  excellent in this technology with the best certifications with ultimate experience giving huge results to businesses.

Hadoop experts have huge demands both in our country as well as abroad.The Hadoop knowers are costing huge bucks of money to the companies. All huge IT  companies are in great hunger for people carrying excellent knowledge on this technology. So it will be very intelligent for the IT workers to keep a track of Hadoop with efficient training.

Today data science and analytics have been flourishing to enhance SEO, SMO raising the business culture of the companies. So only the conceivable and huge requirement of Hadoop  and big data is growing with extra high speed in the IT industries. Hence, this technology seems to have a very long life in the future industry too. It should be the priority for the technical guys to approach this technology as soon as possible in order to pursue a brighter career. Learning Apache Hadoop is the best  decision for the professions as well as the youngsters to shine in the industry. Source