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Interview with Ashwini Kuntamukkala, Software Architect, Vizient Posted on : Apr 11 - 2016

We feature speakers at Big Data Bootcamp Dallas May 13-15 2016 to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Ashwini Kuntamukkala, Software Architect, Vizient.

Interview with Ashwini Kuntamukkala

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am an Enterprise Software Architect focusing on enabling enterprises to succeed in their Big Data and Cloud initiatives. I am an avid blogger, published author, speaker and relish taking on challenging high-impact IT projects in addition to being a budding guitarist. 
I have over 10 years of experience in leading and implementing enterprise grade solutions in Pharmacy, Health care and supply chain industries. My current areas of focus are Big Data, Scalable Enterprise Architecture, Reference Implementations, Effective Data and API strategies, Tools/Vendor Selection, Training and Mentoring.
I have featured on DZone as Developer of the week. Interview published here: 

What have you been working on recently?

I have been working on key strategic projects to modernize legacy technology stack and identifying better data practices using data virtualization, APIs. In addition to that I have been studying how enterprises can embrace the innovation happening in data preparation and analytics space to successfully execute their data strategy.

What are some of the best takeaways that the attendees can have from your talks?

I will be giving two talks at the conference. I want to ensure the attendees get the maximum value from choosing to be there. Here is some more information about the same. 

Transforming “legacy" enterprises into data driven businesses

Key Takeaways:
Digital Transformation, Data Driven Business Models are key 2016 goals at most forward-looking companies. C-Suite executives understand this and are investing massive resources in key initiatives to realize value. However, even though these are well-intentioned goals, they are seldom well-executed resulting in failed initiatives, lost revenue, resentment and missed opportunities. My goal is to share my findings that help companies embrace the right practices in the following areas:

  1. Culture
  2. People
  3. Information 
  4. Business 
  5. Technology
  6. Infrastructure

Data Wrangling : Why, What and How? Industry State and Business Applicability 

Key Takeaways:
Famous quote in computer science is GIGO:  Garbage in -> Garbage Out. This may be true but data wrangling is a process that transforms the above statement into Garbage in -> Good Out. 
It leverages collection of tools, techniques and iterative workflow that convert raw data into useful data to derive insights. 
In my talk, I will be covering the following:

  1. Walking through example of data preparation workflow 
  2. The open source and commercial vendor tools we have at our disposal 
  3. What are the practices to adopt and avoid

Any closing remarks?

The agenda for the entire conference seems very exciting. I am ready to have an immersive experience with cutting edge practical hands-on experience that will empower each attendee with the right mindset, skill set and tool set. Looking forward to seeing you there!